What we do

music recording, mixing and production
ImageCountless commercially-available recordings have been recorded, mixed and mastered at Berry Street. For years we have been, quite simply, one of the UK’s busiest studios. Our engineers bring vast experience, enthusiasm and knowledge to every project.
Although the equipment is continually updated, the studio layout and the rooms’ sound is much as it was in 1970. Our recording equipment is a mixture of state-of-the-art and vintage.
We undertake mixing sessions, with or without clients attending, both at Berry Street and with Neal Snyman in Cape Town.
Our clients range from major and independent labels to theatre production companies, composers, songwriters, music publishers, and d.i.y. artists.
In addition to recording music, we offer Music Production services. Please call us for details.

ImageMastering is the process between a final mix and CD manufacturing. Typically, mastering will consist of rectifying sonic problems within a mix; level and EQ matching tracks; audio “sweetening”, and then sequencing the tracks into an album. We offer attended or non-attended mastering sessions, and a web-based mastering service.
Unlike most studios, whose mastering services are based entirely on plug-ins, we use precision analogue compression and analogue EQ as our main mastering tools, in addition to our vast range of top-quality plug-ins. At the end of a mastering session we will deliver your finished audio either as a DDP Fileset, a Red-Book CD, or as individual files.

Our video services cover both Music videos and Corporate/Information/Presentational videos. We offer a wide range of packages to suit different budgets, including green-screen work. Our music work includes both promo videos and live performance videos, both at the studio, or on location. Our corporate work ranges from vodcasts to location filming of conferences, AGMs, etc. After editing, we deliver materials in both DVD and web-optimised formats.

live and location
ImageBerry Street Remote offers a comprehensive, flexible, scalable, service for live and location recordings. Our range of experience, equipment and personnel means that we can tailor a recording package to our clients’ requirements, and can record just about anything, anywhere: from a gig in a pub, to conferences, stage musicals and festivals. We can provide you with raw files from our location recordings or, of course, edit and mix at Berry Street.
ImageWe have a wealth of experience in recording spoken-word material. Our clients’ projects include audio for new-media and games, podcasts, audio-books, radio-drama, adverts, voice-overs, corporate, and educational materials. We also record custom sound-effects and undertake foley work.