In these Conditions:-
Blank Media Means blank Media which does not embody any audio only or
any audiovisual recording (other than any so-called SMPTE or
similar time code).
Booking Means the hire of the Facility and/or the supply of the Agreed
Services during the Period of Booking in accordance with the
terms of this Agreement.
Booking Form Means the Booking Form accompanying this document
including any “Schedule” to which the Conditions are attached.
Client Equipment Means any musical or technical equipment or instrument
brought into the Facility or other of the Company’s premises by
or at the request of the any Client Personnel (including any
such equipment or instruments which are hired to or behalf of
any Client Personnel (“Hire Equipment”).
Client Invitee(s) Means any persons invited by the Client, any Artist(s) or
Representative(s) to enter the Facility during the Booking
(including without limitation any session or other musician or
Client Blank Media Means any Blank Media which is owned by the Client or any
Client Personnel prior to the commencement of the Period of
Client Media Means any Media provided by the Client which it is intended
shall embody any Recording (whether or not the same shall be
Client Blank Media embody any pre-existing audio or audio –
visual recording) including without limitation multi-track
recording Media.
Client Personnel Means the Artist(s), the Representative(s), the Client’s Invitees
and the Client.
Client Recording Means a recording